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A big innovation in a tiny package.

What if there was a new type of wearable that could be worn continuously for 40 days and could track your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen levels, body temperature, activity levels, fall detection, sleep and more...

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Meditating on Beach

Your health quantified.

Everything you do monitored.  Sleep 8 hours, walk 10,000 steps, eat an apple a day.  But what'r right for you?  And how do your lifestyle habits shape your health?  Now you'll on your body's terms.

Continuous Vitals Monitoring (CVM)

Inflammation, due to auto-immune response?  Blood oxygen levels low due to respiratory or circulatory issues?  Now you'll know, all the time.

A triple threat.


Respiration rate, heart rate, blood oxygen level, blood pressure. 


Not just activity and steps but micro-movements...elbows, knees, back, posture.


Stress, sleep, happiness.

Bio-hacking 2.0

Biohacking 2.0 is the practice of changing our chemistry and physiology through tracking and analysis of our biometric response (glucose, blood O2, heart rate, respiratory rate...) to lifestyle behaviors (exercise, diet, stress, sleep) to energize and enhance our body and health.  

Biometrics & Cognitive Behavior Change.


What if every time you ate a burger you saw in realtime its impact on your sleep, stress, heart rate, respiratory rate?  Could that immediate data response help you curb your desire for fast food, drinking, smoking? 

Predictive health outcomes.

What if we could track and analyze, across millions of people around the world, four things: 1) biometric health data (vitals) 2) metabolic data (blood glucose) 3) lifestyle behaviors (diet, activity, sleep, stress) 4) demographics (age, gender, income)?  What keys to longevity would we uncover?  What would be the impact to healthcare, chronic disease prevention, insurance...and more.m Our company was formed to take on this formidable goal!  To predict future health outcomes by utilizing machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify patterns within health & lifestyle data gathered on an unprecedented scale.   

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