We've created advanced AI to make healthcare universally accessible and affordable.

Artificial Intelligence

Making healthcare more caring with AI.

Our AI has been designed to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to everyone.    It can understand and recognize the unique way we express our symptoms.   Our powerful machine learning algorithms can assist you in making the right choices for you and your family's health. 

Personalized predictive health outcomes

from machine learning.

Data driven health benchmarking and disease risk engine.  

  •  At the heart of our AI is our disease risk engine, a powerful set of machine learning systems, capable of reasoning on a space of greater than 100s of billions of combinations of symptoms, diseases and risk factors, per second, to help identify conditions. Our disease risk engine provides our AI with the ability to provide reasoning efficiently, at scale, to bring health information to millions.

Machine Learning Research.

Throughout our platform we use Machine Learning (ML) for a variety of tasks. In our disease risk engine we combine probabilistic models with deep learning techniques to speed up the risk modeling.  We use ML to create health baselines combining biometric, lifestyle and demographic data and compare with millions of population health records.

Conversational AI & health.

Routine patient care processes can take up to 51% of a nurse’s and 17% of a doctor’s time – which is frustrating when Health Systems struggle with affordability and workforce shortages and patients complain about access. With our unique combination of conversational intelligence, advanced analytics and dynamic processes execution, we can transform healthcare by freeing up its human capital – addressing challenges in access, quality, and affordability.

Revival AI

AI dedicated to lowering costs, predicting health outcomes and increasing quality of care.

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